Hdfury Linker 0.12 FW Update and GUI 0.11

What’s new/fixed in hdfury Linker Firmware Update 0.12

1. Bitstream fixed. now support Dolby Atmos / TrueHD / DTSMA / …

2. PCM multichannel channel mapping fixed

#> What’s new/fixed in 0.11

1. Added “Display Name” information.
Provide Sink device name information to the Linker GUI.

2. Added “Sink EDID Limited” warning message.
When this text appears it means that Linker has detected the current incoming signal from sources exceed the connected display maximum capabilities.
Linker now automatically reduces the resolution to the first supported. For example, If incoming signal is 4K60 444 600MHz, but TV EDID says it can do MAX 4k60 420 300MHz, Linker will change chroma automatically.

3. Added “Ignore EDID Limits” checkbox.
This is then the override button for the above mentioned. It seems to be often the case that TV EDID advertises more limited capabilities in EDID than is actually the truth.
It is likely so that TV works “better” and cables can be longer. Customer will never really know if it is 4k60 444 600MHz or 4k60 420 300MHz because all the TV will say is “2160p” in the info.
Dirty games being played by big manufacturers. Anyway, with checking this box there is no more automatical downscaling/chroma sampling.

4. Added 4k60 and 4k30 Presets with Targets.
There are two new preset settings: 4k60 and 4k30. These are selected using the checkbox. Then in the pull-down menu are the targets (what should happen if the input is either 4k30 or 4k60).
For example, using these it is possible to force 4k60 444 600MHz -> 4k60 420 300 and simultaneously all 4k30 10/12bit inputs -> 4k30 8bit 300MHz. This solves X1S and content dependant source headaches.
Also you can choose 4k60 444 600MHz downscaled to 1080p60. Very convenient. Other example: xbox one s 4k24 10bit HDR movie is converted to 4k24 300MHz so that a 300MHz TV can show picture.

5. Moved the BT2020 force output to the HDR/AVI page. Its more relevant there.

6. Added “CONFIG” page where the LED control and the factory resets are

7. Added LONG RESET press (10seconds) which does the factory reset to the unit.

8. PCM Multichannel audio issue solved

9. Added 5.1 EDID tables.

10. Modified the quickpreset order. This is activated by holding RESET and clicking INPUT. Now the clicks are:

1. Normal operation, clear all 4k30/4k60 presets, clear all deepcoor/colorspace to defaults.
2. Set 4k30/4k60 presets for a 4k60 420 300MHz TV [4k30 8/10/12 -> 4k30 8, 4k60 600 -> 4k60 420 300]
3. Set 4k30/4k60 presets for a 4k30 8-bit 300MHz TV [4k30 8/10/12 -> 4k30 8, 4k60 all-> 1080p60 444 8/10/12]
4. Set 4k30/4k60 presets for a 1080p60 TV [4k30 8/10/12 -> 1080p30 8/10/12, 4k60 all-> 1080p60 444 8/10/12]
(5-9 are unchanged from before)
5 – CS follow / DC follow
6 – CS 4:4:4 / DC follow
7 – CS 4:2:0 / DC follow
8 – CS 4:4:4 / DC 8 bit
9 – CS 4:2:0 / DC 8-bit

Note on X1S: Xbox One S cannot playback DTSMA or TrueHd 7.1 bitstream. We now know that Xbox is not good currently with audio, it downconverts truehd/dtsma into dolby digital and DTS.
That is why you can see on your TV info that bluray track is supposedly sending TrueHD but AVR is still saying just Dolby D 5.1 because of this downconversion.

Hdfury Linker GUI EDID HDR/IF Control Utility 0.12 <<<< This update IS mandatory 

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